lugar do corpo II

The authenticity of architectural experience is grounded in the tectonic language of building and the comprehensibility of the act of construction to the senses. We behold, touch, listen and measure the world with our entire bodily existence, and the experiential world becomes organised and articulated around the centre of the body. Our domicile is the refuge of our body, memory and identity. We are in constant dialogue and interaction with the environment, to the degree that is impossible to detach the image of the self from is spatial and situational existence. 'I am my body', Gabriel Marcel claims(as quoted in 'Translators' Introduction' by Hubert L Dreyfus and Patricia Allen Dreyfus in Merleau-Ponty, 1964, p XII) but 'I am the space, where I am', establishes the poet Nöel Arnaud(as quoted in Bachelard,1969, p 137).

in The eyes of the skin- Architecture and the Senses
, Juhani Pallasmaa, Wiley Academy

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