Horós(com os)copos

You maintain a certain intellectual aloofness that can damage your romantic relationships. In a prior life you were interested in the common good; perhaps you were a revolutionary leader, an academic or someone who worked for social reform, and you distanced yourself from people on a personal basis in order to devote your energies to the group as a whole.
In your current life you maintain a bit of that aloofness, and it can make your intimate partner feel neglected or held at arm's length. You have a tendency to claim your individuality in a way that pushes others away. Your lover might bring this to your attention, in a direct or indirect way. If you maintain your individuality too stringently, you can inadvertently hurt the people who are closest to you.
You have a certain shyness, a reserved demeanor, that is rooted in some kind of insecurity that you have carried with you from a past life. You use your intellectual leanings as a tool, a crutch even -- you distance yourself from emotional entanglements that might overwhelm you. You have trouble sharing your innermost thoughts, feelings and fears, and this can make your romantic partner feel rather shut out.

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