nos teus olhos

"(...) I might succeed in constructing the eye as exactly as possible(...)
But to take the eye: I mean the curvature of the eyeball - from that everything else should develop.

WHY? (...)because, when I look at someone, I look at the eyes rather than at the mouth or the point of the nose.

(...)When you look at a face you allways look at the eyes.

(...) even when you look at a blind man, you look where is eyes are, as if you could feel the eyes behind the lids. The eye is something special (...)made of a different material from the rest of the face.(...)

when you represent the eye precisely, you risk destroying exactly what you are(...)"

in "What interests me about the head" Giacometti interview with Ernest Scheidegger, Peter Munger, and Jacques Dupin (1966)

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